Morgan Daimler’s Fairy: The Otherworld by Many Names, is a short, straight-forward, and succinct look at the history of Fairy, and the ways in which Fairy is portrayed in UK and Irish culture, and in modern and pop culture.

The book is organized in a way that will be very useful to readers new or familiar with fairy lore. There is an overview of the Otherworld and the types of fairy realms, and then a breakdown by geography covering “Soal Eile, Scottish Elfland, English Fairy, and Welsh Annwn.”

Daimler also talks about the Christian influence on folk beliefs and lore, and the relationship of Christianity to both the fae and their world, before delving into the more modern look at Fairy and its influence on modern literature such as urban fantasy.
Those interested in Fairy will be gratified to find that the last chapter covers how to gain entry to the world of Fairy, along with the sensible precautions that might be taken while there—while also ensuring your safe return!

There is a very helpful pronunciation guide at the back, along with an excellent and fairly lengthy bibliography that are full of books I am definitely going to be looking for at my local library.

If you collect books on Fairy, this is an excellent addition to any collection, and is the perfect size and layout for taking along on a journey.

—review by Mara McTavish

Author: Morgan Daimler
Publisher: John Hunt Publishing
Pgs: 114, Price: $10.95 (USD)