The Review Circle at Facing North is an all-volunteer group that changes size based in our availability. In 2009, for example, the circle grew quite small as life events took precedence. (For the record, we had a cancer diagnosis, an upcoming marriage, a completion of a PhD, and a return to graduate school -- it was a very busy year!) So we are always looking for reviewers. (I always have a stack of items for review. Always.) Because we are volunteers, I can't guarantee that every item received will be reviewed, or that it will be reviewed within a specific time frame. If it's important for you to get a review within a specific time frame, or before a specific event, let me know.

We are eclectic in what we are interested in reviewing. If you are unsure about whether your work is appropriate for us, please contact me and we'll talk it over. As an author myself, I have an especial fondness for independent, self-published, and small-press authors; I will do my darnedest to get their work reviewed. That said, it is still not a guarantee of a review.

We are no longer able to accept unsolicited items to review. If you would like us to review something, please email me to discuss.

When a review is published, we always notify the publisher (via their publicity department) and do our best to notify the author as well, if we have contact information. All published items are copyright free and may be reprinted or linked to -- we ask only that the source be retained (i.e., first published at [with link]).

Music Reviews

Our current categories for music are:
Alternative/ techno/ dance
Celtic (broadly)
Easy Listening
Folk Rock
Jazz/ Jazz Fusion
New Age/ Spiritual
Pop / Rock
and World

Sometimes it is difficult to determine which genre an album belongs to, which can be fine; but you'll help us by telling us where you think the album fits. Going forward, we are reluctant to review Pop/ Rock music as it is the least likely to suit the Alternative Spirituality framework for reviews on this site.

We're looking for music that is useful -- meditations, rituals, breathwork, healing, yoga, or any of 1000 practices that will benefit from the music.

The submissions must be a full-length album. No EP's or samples.

Music submissions must include
•    An MP3 link for download
•    Name of musician(s) or musical group name, the band members and which instruments they play
•    Name of record company
•    Date/year of release
•    Number of tracks and length (hours/minutes)
•    Jpg of album cover (at least 200x200 dpi) to appear with the review
•    Sales outlets (Amazon, CD-Baby, etc)
•    Cost of CD or mp3 download

Promotional material should include
•    a summary of the album's purpose or the inspiration for its production. Note the music genre category, or overlapping/fusion genres
•    Mention if this is a debut CD, or if there are previous CD releases and titles of those.
•    Include country of origin if not from the USA, any special musical background notes of interest
•    Link to musician/band website if there is one
•    An e-mail contact address in case there are questions or missing information