Sunday, May 19, 2024 Lisa Mc Sherry

Hello to all as we step firmly from the changeability of Spring into the ease of Summer.

The Review Circle has been slowly working through our piles of materials, and have a lovely collection for you this month:
So, What am I Doing Here, Anyway?  A Collection of Astrological and Philosophical Essays  
Astrology as a Therapeutic Art: Healing Human Relationships  
Season Songs: Rediscovering the Magic in the Cycles of Nature  
UAPS and the Nuclear Puzzle: Visitations, National Security and the Need for Transparency  
Loputyn Oracle   
A Path Through the Forest: Collected Essays on Druidry  
Fairy: The Otherworld By Many Names  
The Magicians Trilogy (fiction)  
Cookbook of Shadows: Simple Recipes for Powerful Magic  
The Eclectic Witch's Book of Shadow's Companion 

Last month, we offered:

Planetary Magic: A friendly introduction to creating modern magic with the seven energies (Pagan Portals) 
Chiron in Love: The Astrology of Envy, Rage, Compassion and Wisdom 
The Healing Tree: Botanicals, Remedies, and Rituals from African Folk Traditions 
Libertarian Paganism: Freedom and Responsibility in Nature-Based Spirituality 
Gaia: Saving Her, Saving Ourselves (Earth Spirit) 
Embodying Tara: 21 Manifestations to Awaken your Innate Wisdom 
Frigg: Beloved Queen of Asgard (Pagan Portals) 
American Druidry: Crafting the Wild Soul 
Lupa: She-Wolf of Rome and Mother of Destiny(Pagan Portals) 
Kitchen Witchcraft: The Element of Water

The year certainly is moving right along. we're looking forward to seeing you next month. Until then: 
May Summer's energy power your dreams!

Welcome to Facing North!

We are one of the largest collections of reviews of alternative spirituality oriented books, music, and other items of interest to our community. My wonderful team of reviewers and I have been writing reviews for many years now, and we love it.

Opened on October 31, 2006 with just over 200 reviews, Facing North is -- first and foremost -- a community resource. We ended that year with more than double our opening number of reviews (500+). Although we slowed our growth, 2007 ended with our database at more than 600 records, 2008 saw us at 900 and we edged over 1,000 by the end of 2009. In 2022, we have more than 3000 items reviewed in our files.

We accept previously published reviews, and articles and reviews from alternative practitioners. It is our goal to make Facing North the largest repository of alternative spirituality reviews on the Internet.

We are committed to creating a practical site with honest opinions that are fair, even when critical and welcome your feedback and suggestions to improve this site, one that everyone in our diverse community can use.

Once again: Welcome to Facing North!