Leaving aside the rather clunky and laboured Preface written by David Sparenberg (I really dislike the passive voice in writing and his would-be profundity irritates me), this is a pleasant collection of short personal essays. It is generally reprints of pieces published in various, mainly Irish, Pagan magazines.

He isn’t intending to write a guidebook or teaching aid, there are no rituals. This is, instead, a story of his personal journey in Druidry. Divided into six sections: Basics of Druidry, Environmentalism, Druidic History, Metaphysics, Druid Ethics, and Interview transcripts.

I appreciated his very grounded and moderate approach to history and to modern Druidry. Although some of the earlier essays contained some historical inaccuracies, the Pagan survivals notions for one, he clearly understands that revival of the cult of the head, slavery, human and animal sacrifice, and some other aspects of the authentic historical practices of Druids and Celtic peoples would not be desirable to revive! And he revisited the history to correct his earlier errors. 

His focus on ethics in magic and his strong environmental emphasis are also notable. I liked the pragmatic and grounded approach to a spiritual life here. 

This is a collection of short personal essays, not a scholarly or unified text. It gives a view of the perspectives and experience of a modern Druid’s development, like a series of conversations over a pint.

~ review by Samuel Wagar

Author: Luke Eastwood
Moon Books, 2024
330 pg. Paperback £18.99/ $27 Can / $ US 20.95