This deck of thirty-six etherial cards are the stuff of the subconscious. Wolves, transformations and maidens are the theme of this deck, and through these archetypes we explore our deepest, most primal selves.

The cards are borderless, flexible, and the edges are ungilded. The texture is a buttery mat and the art is a mix media of dark tones, which works well with the theme of the deck. Loputyn uses an almost anime style which I love because it makes this oracle even more intriguing. There is also nudity and often sexual situations in this deck, such as card 12, for example, so this oracle isn't suitable for children. 

The wolf motif runs through the entire deck; interacting with the maidens in ways that are both subtle and  grotesque. Sometimes the wolf consumes her, sometimes he becomes a werewolf and seduces her, and other times she herself is the wolf. Each archetype is an invitation to explore our primitive selves along with her. 

The 126 page book that comes with the deck is well made and beautifully produced. Like most Lo Scarabeo decks, the interpretations are in multiple languages. Here, we find the cards are more than just numbers, but do have names. The first card is aptly called “everything,” where we begin, much like the Fool in the Tarot, from a primordial point in our life's journey. Here we are like the story of the newborn, who knows all the secrets of the universe, but an angel presses her finger against his lips so he can never tell. 

What I found about the interpretations are that they are just a starting point. It's more important, I think, to just sit with the cards, meditate on them and use your own intuition to interpret them. The cards are so beautifully done, and are so ethereal and dream like that they naturally pull insights directly from the unconscious. Keeping an notebook handy and practice automatic writing with them. I found that when I use automatic writing with this oracle (or others as well as Tarot, really) surprising ideas and insights come to the surface. 

I really love this deck. The art is exquisite. It plays well with Tarot and other oracles. It has a lovely vibration and makes an instant connection. The cards handle well and the interpretations are an excellent starting point to begin exploring your deepest most primordial self. Grab a notebook for automatic writing practice or just journal your thoughts while working with them. Let your intuition, like the wolf, guide you.

~ review by Patricia Snodgrass

Artist: Loputyn
Author: Alice Mastroleo
Llewellyn, 2023
p. $19.95, pp. 126