From the author who brought you Moon Spells comes a new addition called Moon Spells Journal. In this release, the journal explores each month and what the reader can focus on while using the cosmic energy of the moon and her energies. This journal is designed to enhance your relationship with the moon and her influences to manifest what is for your best and highest good. The author provides journaling topics, activities, and rituals to further the reader’s connection to the lunar energies and power. There is information regarding the phases and what intention is best to set at that time.

Each month starts off with a bit of background on what each month is meant to focus on. The journal starts off in January – Find Your True Path. January is typically known to be a quiet and introspective month. The author has some great questions for journaling to delve into the reader’s likes, dislikes, skills, feeling and goals. This helps begin the process for setting yearly goals and setting the mindset needed for this month. Author Ahlquist provides activities but also some thought provoking questions to enhance these experiences. This section has a short candle ritual that I absolutely loved!

Another idea that the journal has you track is how the full moon affected you. This is a great way to track how the full moon affects the reader that can be looked over every month. At the end of the monthly entry, she provides several activities that can be done for further path work. The remaining months and the focus subjects are such things as abundance, intuition, priorities, creativity, avoiding harmful energies, embracing positivity, romance, strengthen connections, exploring inner desires, focusing on gratitude, and releasing negative emotions.

This book is a self-guidance journal to enhance your relationship with our closest celestial being, the moon. This is a great companion book with the authors other titles, Moon Spells and Moon Magic. She mentions in Moon Spells how she began tracking and journaling each month and moon and began to understand the patterns and flow of her personal relationship with the moon. Now with Moon Spells Journal, the reader can now experience the same relationship and explore how they can work with the magick and energy of the Moon.

~review by Amber Barnes

Author: Diane Ahlquist
Adams Media, July 7, 2020
pp. 189, $15.99
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