The moon has been admired and worshiped since the dawn of time. Her celestial presence has had an influence on the inhabitants of Earth with natural cycles for centuries. Working with the power of the moon’s energy can bring about manifestations, wishes, and intentions when working with her various moon phases.

One of the things I love about Diane Ahlquist’s book Moon Spells is that anyone can use it. It is not exclusive to any path and can be adapted to fit your desires. The book is set up with an introduction on how to prepare before beginning any spells. It can be used for individual or group settings. Once the reader has a sense of how to properly prepare, they book can be used to the desired spell section. The Table of contents is easy to read for the user to decide which intention they would like to focus on. The spells will give the proper phase for the spell to be performed, needed tools, as well as an optional magickal items that can be used to enhance the spell. The instructions are straightforward and easy to follow for the beginner or experienced magickal worker.

The book is broken down into four parts. Part I covers Preparing for your Spell. It has everything from when to perform, where, why and how to perform spells, moon spell checklist, lunar calendar, overcoming issues and creating and walking a moon circle. She gives the various moon phases and what each phase is best used for as well as the name of the full moons of the year. This alone is the best reason to keep this book in your magickal repertoire. I struggle with memorizing and remembering the names, so an easy reference is always a welcoming tool. The author provides a quick list of what days of the week is ideal for spells and rituals for not just the moon but the other planets as well. She lists the Day, Ruling Planet, and what it is best for.

Ahlquist goes on to detail where to conduct the spells. She provides locations but any spell can have an alternate version, it is up to the reader on how they need to adapt. The book is a guideline but written in a way it can be changed to the readers needs or availability and resources. One of the things I appreciated she tells readers is the basics to prepare for your spell. It helps the caster to get into the correct frame of mind instead of just rushing in. Too often people forget small things like turning off the phone, making sure pets and children won’t disturb you in the middle of the spell, preparing you space and more.

Part II of the book discusses Creating A Magickal Atmosphere. The perfect atmosphere helps the reader get into the right frame of mind for optimal spell casting. The author provides great examples of everything from food and drinks, clothing, and music. These are the type of small details that are often overlooked in spell books but very important.

Part III is the chapter on Spells. Here is the section of the book that can be referenced over and over depending on the current need. They are listed in the table of contents to easily access the page number.

The last section Part IV is called Lanterns of Light. This was an interesting section that the author refers to as “additional lights” to assist the reader in guiding them down their pathway in life. The first chapter is on Chinese Astrology. It covers the twelve animals that represent a twelve year cycle lunar calendar and the personalities and characteristics those born under each. The chart shows the year, animal symbol, and element associated with each. I have always been fascinated with Chinese zodiac and astrology and the book gives a basic taste of the meanings and uses.
This section also has a section on astrology. There are numerous books in depth on this subject but here you can find your life path/destiny number and interpretations. Here the reader will also find a familiar western astrological signs and influence information.

Overall I would recommend this book as a reference guide to have on the shelf for spell ideas and moon information. It is well written and easy to follow no matter where the reader may be on their path.

~review by Amber Barnes

Author: Diane Ahlquist
Adams Media, July 1, 2002
pp. 256, $12.95
see also the Moon Spells Journal: Guided Rituals, Reflections, and Meditations