This marvelous primer is an excellent resource for the novice Tarot reader, as well as the advanced practitioner. Packed with interesting spreads, games and experiments that stretches the reader's imagination, Author Sasha Fenton does an outstanding job of giving the novice reader all the tools one needs to enhance their Tarot experience.

Super Tarot is divided into four parts. Part One is a primer that introduces the novice to the basics of Tarot reading. Here, Fenton offers practical tips on energizing a new deck, shuffling, and selecting a significator card. The following chapters give the novice reader easy to understand interpretations on the Major and Minor Arcana.Fenton also does an outstanding job of discussing the court cards in detail, instead of glossing over them like so many tarot books do. I'm thrilled that she did that, because the court cards give so many readers trouble; even experienced ones, because the court cards are often vague and frustrating. What most tarot books don't delve into is that the court cards can be either a person, or a circumstance, or a person that is a catalyst regarding a certain event.

Fenton does a wonderful job of explaining how the suits work. I found her insights helpful to my own reading experiences. For instance, I see the suit of swords as aggressive and militaristic. Which it can be. However, Fenton describes the swords as the suit for professionals, such as lawyers and medical personnel. Her interpretation is still spot on, because it is easy to see the Knight of Swords as an E.M.T, or the queen of swords as the charge nurse on a hospital floor. Especially the nurses on the pediatric floor. They protect those babies like lionesses. Of course, the swords do factor into the military. It depends on who you are reading for.

Part Two is where the fun begins. This section contains exercises and games that help stretch the reader's imagination as well as gain better insights and confidence in their readings. Fenton provides intriguing samples of readings for the seeker to try out. The overlay spreads are fun and fascinating and the flow chart games are designed to stretch the imagination, as well as gain new insights the readings. My personal favorite is the four card spread, which is mentioned on page 67. This is my daily go-to spread when I want a general overview of the day.

Part Three explores various Tarot spreads. Some are simple, and others are complex. Most of them are traditional spreads like the standard Six Card Spread, the Double Horseshoe spread and the Tree of Life spread. There is a fascinating three card Oraculm spread that works well for those who like combing numerology with Tarot. There is also a Jung spread, which I found very interesting, although somewhat unwieldy.

The final part discusses Tarot as a profession. Here, Fenton advises those who wish to read as a career to find a safe and quiet place in which to work. She discusses working in the home or at a psychic fair or open market. There is also a selection on how to give readings on the phone, internet or video sites like Face Time and Zoom.

Super Tarot is such a fun book. Its jam packed with information for both the novice reader and those who plan to go pro. The instructions are easy to follow, and the exercises and experiments are fun and engaging. I had a blast going through this book. Super Tarot has quickly become one of my favorites. Its well worth the price.

~review by Patricia Snodgrass

Author: Sasha Fenton
Redwheel/Weiser, 2021
p. $16.95, pp. 161