Personally, when I think of Spanish music, I tend to think mostly of Castanets and Latin guitar sounds more so than of a piano, but Spencer plays the piano in these compositions with a breezy Latin flare that I did not know was possible to achieve. The compositions also feature the Latin guitar, percussion instruments and bass. Having never been to Spain, I closed my eyes and allowed the impressions of the musical works to transport me there via my senses. Warmth, gaiety, liveliness, hustle and bustle, plus dancing were just some of the impressions I received while listening to this album. At times, the sounds became more melancholy in nature, creating a sense of thought-provoking awareness. For the most part though, this album is breezy, sparking a flare for life, a desire to rejoice and dance.  If you’re looking for traditional Spanish music, then this album is more than likely not for you, but if you like music with a Spanish flare that has been done in more of a New Age style, then you’ll most definitely like this album. ~review by Lone Eagle EyeArtist: Lesley Spencer & The Latin Chamber Pop EnsembleGabriella Publishing, 2005$12.95