A new CD by the ridiculously talented Terra Guitara duo is always welcome! The duo features Bruce Hecksel on guitar, bass, boars, flute, drums, and hand percussion, and Julie Patchouli playing rhythm guitar, various percussion, and bass. The songs feature a south-of-the-border Latino flavor that’s so delightful it begs the question: why would anyone want to build a wall to keep these great sounds out of America?

The CD gets off to a solid rockin’ start with Track 1: Wave Walker. It features an infectious salsa-style rhythm and Bruce’s flashy yet immaculate guitar artistry. Of special note are Tracks 4 and 5, “Of Wind & Wood” and “Of Sea & Stars”, the title track. “Of Wind & Wood” includes a wood flute melody and a complex, driving guitar rhythm. “Of Sea & Stars” transports the listener to the beach with a swinging Latino melody and rhythm.

Track 7: Night River is a slinky, sensuous dance ballad that makes the listener feel as if s/he is floating down the Amazon River in a boat at night. Just to prove they can play about anything, Track 10: Zorbas is a cover of a familiar Greek-style song that builds slowly and increases in pace throughout. Bruce and Julie offer their own swinging rendition of this popular tune.

The album is well-named because these songs actually DO give the ambiance of an evening on a warm beach in Mexico. It doesn’t get much better than that! Listeners should pull out the tequila and lime, or a six-pack of Coronas and lime, to go along with this great musical adventure. For folks who want a tip on how to face housecleaning, put on a Terra Guitarra CD. This music gets your feet moving and your arms swinging. That rat’s nest in your corner will disappear before you know it. Fun stuff!

~review by Elizabeth Hazel

Artist: Terra Guitarra
Earthsign Records, 2017
13 tracks, 63 minutes
CD Baby – CD $14.99, download $9.99.