This CD falls in the techno-pop category and if you like this type of music, you may like this album better than I did. The singer collaborated with several people on the lyrics and the album carries a parental advisory warning for explicit lyrics.


The music, by Rene Van Verseld and T-Spoon, is much the same for each song. If you took away the lyrics, you wouldn’t be able to recognize which song was playing.  It’s supposed to be dance music, but it didn’t cause me to wish to get up and dance as a lot of music does.


The signature song on the CD, “Take Me High”, is a good description of Tey Punsalan’s voice (she has a thin, high, sort of breathy voice). On this CD, it sounds like she’s trying to be sexy and sensual and just can’t pull it off. Even if one enjoys techno-pop, this CD doesn’t stand out from the rest.


~ review by Jae

Artist: Tey Punsalan

Rene Van Verseveld