Flash Silvermoon gets you moving with the first song and doesn’t let you sit until the last song. Energetic and moving, Silvermoon keeps the listener upbeat with her journey through different styles of music. She strolls through alternative, Latin-influenced, rock, jazz and blues like a pro.

Her voice is not a pretty voice; she doesn’t provide a sweet easy song for the listener. Her voice is more edgy, like Ethel Merman belting out a tune and outshining all other performers. The attitude is that of a classy broad.  She tells it like it is and you have to take it or leave it.

The instrumentals are varied and support each song. A wide variety of unique instruments were used to provide the flavor of the music. Silvermoon provides not only the lead vocals but background vocals, instrumentals work with drums, djembes, synth bass, keyboard, flute, sax, oboe, and guitar.

She offers up sexy and sensual bluesy tune with “I Want To Savor You Like Chocolate” which is the slowest song on the CD but it still keeps you moving. In the next song though she takes the listener to rejoicing with her jazzy Standing on the Edge of Time. Silvermoon doesn’t’ meekly whisper her positive spiritual message but shouts it so everyone can hear. She gives you an out loud message of spirituality in a variety of music styles. Each song is different and unique to keep the listener engages in listening.

Definitely not your typical light breezy Pagan music, Silvermoon offers a meaty deep alternative to the typical mellow spiritual songs. Her full strong voice provides the listener a direct out loud way to declare their beliefs. A positive addition to any CD collection!


~review by Eileen Troemel

Produced by Flash Silvermoon