I’d Fall In Love With You Again is Lara Halidae’s first album, but I’m sure it won’t be her last.  She has a delightful, fresh voice that entrances the listener.  Her songs are all quite memorable.  The lyrics are so catchy that I found myself humming them to myself throughout the day


Her songs run the gamut from folksy pop to soulful ballads and even a little jazz thrown in for good measure.  The lyrics are wonderfully joined with beautiful melodies.  The sweet simplicity of her voice is quite refreshing.


I truly enjoyed listening to her music, and I believe that Lara Halidae has great potential as a recording artist. My only disappointment with this CD was that I wish it had been longer! I certainly recommend I’d Fall In Love With You Again for anyone interested in up and coming artists. We will surely be hearing more from her!


~review by Jennifer Erwin
Artist: By Lara Halidae

Lara Halidae, 2003