I don't generally get pop-style vocal CDs for review, but this landed on my desk. It's a compelling production by a Norwegian singer-songwriter. The songs are in English and focus on getting over fears and anxieties and finding courage to overcome difficulties. We can all use a bit of encouragement from time to time.

Cecilie's songs integrate a lot of styles and instruments. Some of the songs, like Track 1: Tango, and Track 2: Home, are openly pop-style compositions. In Track 3: Angels and Track 5: The Spell, the music shifts to a Celtic-style composition. Track 6: My Heart Has Loved is a winsome romantic ballad with a lovely melody. The mixes are beautifully produced with the voice well-balanced over the accompaniments.

Celilie has a strong, clear voice that's pleasant on the ear. She's a confident performer capable of delivering a song with skillful nuances. Most of the singing is solo, and hopefully future albums will include more harmonizing with backup singers.

This is a good album for anyone who needs to get over anxieties and face unhelpful fears. The song lyrics are encouraging and insightful, and most of the music is upbeat and positive in nature.

~review by Elizabeth Hazel

Artist: Cecilie
11 tracks, 43:14 mins
CD $11.99, mp3 $9.49