“White Sun” is a self-titled CD recently released by a new Los Angeles-based group consisting of two yogis, Harijiwan, Gurujas and Adam Berry. The CD broke records by zooming up to the top of the charts in the first twelve hours of its presale, so these folks have created a successful formula for blending western-style mantra singing with Hindu-raga music.

There are 15 tracks with a wide range of combinations including pop-style arrangements, a capella vocal songs, orchestral works, and string ensemble. The instruments included on the CD the harp, celtic harp, tabla, guitar, taiko drums, bass, harmonium, banjo, mandolin, frame drum, metallophone, and two solo gong tracks. The Boyle Heights Community Youth Orchestra joined the group to record one of the songs.

The tracks are:
1.    Trinity
2.    Aap Sahaee Hoa
3.    Rakhe Rakhanhar
4.    Ong Namo
5.    Rom Rom
6.    Mul Mantra
7.    Healing Gong
8.    Ardas
9.    Lakshman
10.    Sat Nam
11.    Ammatay
12.    Ra Ma Da Sa
13.    Wish Fulfilling Gong
14.    Guru Ram Das
15.    Ardas Choir

“Trinity” is an a capella layered vocal recording by singer Gurujan; three mantras are woven together–Guru Ram Das, Gobinda, and RaMaDaSa. Harijiwan is a master gong-player whose work is featured on two recordings, “Healing Gong” and Wish Fulfilling Gong.” Talk about a WOW effect – these tracks are amazing to listen to. “Ammatay” is a manifestation mantra, and “Laksham” is a prosperity mantra.

The music is very accessible to western listeners and is very upbeat and enlightening. You can watch the video of the song “Ardas Choir” at http://www.whitesun.com/ and at https://108suns.wordpress.com/2015/06/10/white-sun-the-sound-of-the-aquarian-age/

For listeners who truly enjoy east-west style mantra singing, this is a fabulous album by a brand-new group of talented musicians. First rate!

~review by Elizabeth Hazel

Artist: White Sun
White Sun, 2015
available at iTunes, download $11.99.
Available at www.spiritvoyage.com, CD $16.99, mp3 download $11.99