This album almost received a scathing review, just because of word choice. I first gave this album to a friend of mine who works as a massage therapist, because we both saw the title and presumed that it was designed for background music in a spa setting.


It’s not. The artists may have designed it as such, but it’s pretty clear they don’t spend much time in their local spa. Bally’s maybe, but not Aveda. And those are very different environments.


Instead, this is a pleasing ‘take’ on the works of Enigma, Shadowfax, and even Carlos Nakai. It weaves the sounds of flute, guitar, drums, and saxophone with chants, incorporating synthesizer and contemporary beats. The overall feel is textured – like a good tapestry.


I recommend that you don’t get this album because you want to relax, or meditate, or ‘bliss out.’ Get it because its an interesting collection of music that plays well in the background of creative endeavors.


~review by Lisa Mc Sherry

Artist: Dean Evenson/ Soulfood

Soundings of the Planet, 2006