This CD features eight lovely vocal meditations to different goddesses. Annette Cantor has a gorgeous, limber voice with a sizable range, and puts it to good use in different types of melodic goddess chants. Annette is accompanied by C. G. Deuter, the multi-talented composer and musician (see review for “Koyasan”) who skillfully amalgamates eastern and western instruments and musical idioms.

The tracks include tributes to Tara, Spider Woman, Yemana, Isis, Gaia, Kuan Yin, Demeter and Venus. Annette integrates Gregorian chants into the songs. In “Spider Woman” (7:22), chant-style melodies are layered vocal tracks that give a choral effect, backed by Native American-style drumming. “Yemana” (4:54) features Afro-Cubano style steel-drumming with call-style singing. “Isis” (7:13) begins with a formal vocal chorale that segues into a floating chant over African drums and congos that evoke a sense of the mysticism of ancient Egypt and the Mediterranean. 

“Gaia” (8:55) features lush synthesizer chords and a haunting melody. Again, this evokes the lyrical poetic style of the ancient Greek Islands. “Kuan Yin” (6:16) is a recitative-style melody performed with oriental strings. It’s as pure and spare as a Japanese flower arrangement. “Demeter” (8:29) is a richer arrangement. A persuasive samba-like rhythm underscores layers of synth, vibraphones, and bells that accompany a luscious vocal duo. The final track, “Venus” (6:27) begins with a vocal introduction. The accompaniment swells with a number of chimes, bells, and synth sample effects. Gregorian chant techniques are incorporated again, this time ornamented with vocal trills and turns.

Each song evokes the cultural origin of the goddess receiving the tribute. The effects are subtle and thoughtful, as one would expect with musicians of the caliber of Annette and Deuter.

Highly recommended for Goddess worshippers! Beautiful! 

~review by Elizabeth Hazel

Artist: Annette Cantor
Source Being Productions
Amazon: CD $23.18