Maneesh de Moor has numerous lofty performance credits with other new age and world music artists. On this album, Maneesh creates a soft blanket of tranquil sound for inner peace and calm. The combination of piano, atmospheric keyboards, bells, exotic percussion and sound effects are blended into exceptionally soothing and meditative music.

The album contains five tracks. Each explores a watery world of melody and sound effects. The keyboard notes are sparse and subtle like a musical version of Japanese flower arranging, and at times give an impression of water dripping into water. It’s easy to “go under” listening to this music, that is – to sink beneath the surface of the conscious mind into a boneless, floating meditative state. Anxiety and daily worries melt away and all that’s left is blissful tranquility. It’s a musical anti-depressant that stops head noise.

The tracks on the CD are titled:
1.    Mindfulness
2.    Galaxies Within
3.    Silent Mirror
4.    OM
5.    Compassion

Some very pale, delicate sitar and wordless vocal sounds rise into the texture as “Mindfulness” develops. This 14:20 minute track is extremely slow and unhurried, so it conveys a sense of patience and timelessness. “Galaxies Within” is a 10:11 minute ambient-style piece, and again, the glacial pacing of the tones drains away all external, mundane thoughts. “Silent Mirror” features melodic content based on the pentatonic scale, which gives the song an exotic and otherworldly oriental flavor. “OM” is bright and uplifting. A (synthetic) vocal note provides a grounded deep bass. Bells and synth effects float over the bass pedal and give a sense of levitation and mystical ecstasy. The final track “Compassion” is the most melodic in a traditional sense, with a clear solo piano melody rising over sustained synth accompaniment layer. It is ornamented with light bell tones.

This is a gorgeous CD that’s perfect for deep meditation, relaxation, yoga, healing therapies, tantric sex, and ritual work. Some may find it helpful for combating insomnia and encouraging sleep. It is beautifully liquid and relaxing, but not mind-numbing or boring. That’s a brilliant combination to achieve. Highly recommended!

~review by Elizabeth Hazel

Artist: Maneesh de Moor
SoundsTrue 2011
57:27 min. MP3 $11.93, CD $13.99