This CD features gentle, airy songs with deep lyrics. Sora’s voice is very smooth and controlled, reminiscent of Enya but perhaps with a touch more vibrato and depth.

The songs are accompanied with a variety of instruments common to New Age music – piano/keyboards, guitar, harp, different flutes, strings and background vocals. There are some drums, but this music isn’t wildly rhythmic and drums aren’t the focus here. The rhythmic elements pulse to help keep the tempo moving along and accent important segues or harmonic transitions. The first track, Scherherezade has a slightly eastern flavor. The third track, Hero, has a lovely Celtic feel to it. Sora’s voice rings out in this song. The fourth track, Savage, is one of the most dynamic and rhythmic on the CD; it features slightly Latin rhythms and exciting vocal harmonies. The tenth track, Proof of Life, has an instrumental introduction reminiscent of Tangerine Dream.

The music is pretty and harmonious, and most is upbeat. The melodies are easy to follow and the accompaniments are nicely orchestrated. The instrumental textures never overwhelm the singer and show admirable restraint and taste in the production booth. You won’t be disappointed using “Scorpion Moon” for solitary or group circle-work. It’s relaxing music for relaxing or driving. This CD won’t set your world on fire, but it’s delightful ritual music. There’s a wonderfully witchy feeling to the singing, instrumentation and the textures.

~review by Elizabeth Hazel

Artist: Sora
Sample tracks available

Sora Music, Jan 15, 2013, self-released (Canada). CD - $28,04 (Import), MP3 $8.99 (or 99 cents per track)