This is an awesome collaboration featuring the work of two talented musicians. Kater’s skillful piano work blends seamlessly with Nakai’s Native American flute.

On track 5 ”Surrender,” a Native American choir chants in gorgeous harmony accompanied by flute. On track 8, “Transformation,” Kater supplies a tranquil piano adagio. Track 10 “Becoming Human” is a plaintive elegy with a solo voice, piano and flute. Track 9 “Quietude” is a lovely piano melody supported by organ/synthesizer. Each song features a unique mix of instruments, melodic styles and vocal material.

This is a classic Nakai-Kater CD, lovely for opening unlimited headspace through serene and peaceful sound. Of the many Nakai offerings available, I prefer this particular album because the musical talents and song genres are blended together to create a wide-spectrum ambience. No disrespect to Mr. Nakai intended - a little Native American flute goes a long way. The addition of Kater’s glossy piano and the Native vocal and choral work keeps the music interesting as the album flows from song to song. The combination of primitive and sophisticated sounds will keep you coming back again and again.

Highly recommended.

~review by Elizabeth Hazel

Artists: Peter Kater and Carlos Nakai
Silver Wave, 1992
59:51 minutes, $14.41