This is a lovely album that features Sanskrit mantras set into western-style melodies and accompaniment. The mantras are sung by Diana Rogers, who is accompanied by a galaxy of east-west fusion star musicians.

The music is both tranquil and hypnotic, which heightens the sacred and devotional nature of the performances. Rogers is joined by a kirtan vocal chorus on “Om Narayani” and “Om Shanti.” Distinct sub-continent drumming adds a bouncy texture to “He Mata Durga.”  “Jaya Radha” features a gentle Latin-type melody and samba rhythms. The melody of “Sri Ram” is reminiscent of songs from early Andrew Lloyd Weber rock-operas, and is the oddity on the album. The other songs employ the east-west fusion genre.

1.    Jai Radha Madhava
2.    Om Narayani
3.    He Mata Durga
4.    Jaya Radha
5.    Jai Ambe
6.    Jai Jagadambe
7.    Sri Ram
8.    Om Shanti

Diana Rogers is a mezzo-soprano (with minimal vibrato) whose voice is very effective in conveying the words of the mantras. The lyrics are explained in the liner-notes of the CD; most are invocations to aspects of Hindu gods.

The blend of voice, eclectic instrumentations, and musical genres is mostly effective. This devotional music is quite fine for meditation, yoga, and alternative healing modalities. It is also nice music for down-time and relaxation. Recommended for listeners who enjoy the yoga groove genre with mantra singing.

~review by Elizabeth Hazel

Artist: Diana Rogers
Sounds True 2007
MP3 $7.99, CD $12.41