Hushabye is Sparks’s 6th album. It’s a “cushy pillow” album that aims to provide a peaceful musical platform for relaxation, meditation, and sleep. The music is created with a blend of light piano, soft string textures, synth, flute, and wordless oooo or aaahhh synth vocals inspired by English boys’ choirs.

The eleven tracks include nine original songs with cover versions of “Love Can Make You Happy” (Track 2) and “Jesus Loves Me” (Track 7), with melodic variations on this hymn and childrens’ song.

The balance of instruments and textures continues to shift through the tracks, but the emphasis on peace and serenity is a consistent theme. Track 6: When the Stars Come Out is a gentle ballad that’s introduced with a serene flute melody.

This is a great album for putting children to sleep, or for adults who need to decompress after a stressful day. Sparks sticks like glue to the theme of his album – tranquil, harmonic music with no dissonance or demanding sounds. Recommended for those who are seeking restful and peaceful background music.

~Review by Elizabeth Hazel

Artist: Rick Sparks
41:45 min, 11 tracks
CD $38.26, MP3: $9.49 (AMZ)