Halpern has been around the New Age Music scene since the 1970s. He's conducted research on the healing and stress-reducing properties of music. This new CD is a follow-up to the 2012 Grammy® nominated DEEP ALPHA. Aural-Sync™ technology is used to “gently but effectively entrain your brain to the deepest theta range (4 Hz), which is ideal for deeper meditation, enhanced DNA activation, self-healing and greater creativity.”

Nyogetsu writes, “Every time you play the shakuhachi, you are helping to engender world peace.”

The Shakuhachi flute is a 12th century instrument used for Sui-Zen or blowing meditation. It's played to achieve stillness of mind, connection with nature, and for achieving enlightenment. The bansuri is a side-blown bamboo flute known as Lord Krishna's divine instrument. It's been integrated into Indian classical music since the 20th century.

The music features Steve on his Rhodes and other keyboards, joined by three bamboo flute masters, Jorge Alfano, Ronnie Nyogetsu Reishin Selding, and Schawkie Roth.

The tracks on the album are simply titled “Part 1” and so on through “Part 13.” The music is for the most part very simple. Soaring bamboo flute melodies are accompanied with Rhodes keyboard and other synthesizer effects like bells. It's extremely gentle and relaxing music. The celestial effects make it luxurious listening. Halpern has shifted from the straight New Age musical genre to an east-west fusion. It's more a musically interesting genre with a wider range of appeal.

At 4 Hz, the Deep Theta wave tracks are below the level of human hearing, so the effects are subtle.

This is – as advertised – a terrific CD for relaxation, meditation, and yoga. It would be awesome music for ritual baths or jacuzzi time, as it is certainly stress-relieving! The flute-playing is masterful and takes full advantage of the wide spectrum of inflections and effects that the bamboo flute is capable of producing. It would be lovely background music for massages or guided meditations, too. Midwives, Reiki practitioners, and other healers would find it suitable for work with patients.

Very nice! Recommended.

~review by Elizabeth Hazel

Artist: Steven Halpern
Inner Peace Music 2013
13 tracks, 1 hr 13 minutes