This album features the talents of singer-songwriter Lindsey Gaye Walker and composer-instrumentalist Sean Michael Paddison. The theme of the music is empowerment, offering songs that help people transform their lives and live their dreams. Walker and Paddison are part of the global movement to raise human consciousness and create a better world.

The music owes a lot to the easy listening soft-pop and soft-country genres. Walker and Paddison are joined by guest musicians who contribute strings, guitar, vocals. Tracks alternate between songs with lyrics and instrumental pieces. Track 2: Dare to Dream Again features harmony singing on the chorus. The vocalizing features attractive gospel-type arrangements. Track 4: Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep shifts into a neoclassical mode with its instrumental accompaniment.

Lindsay Walker has a soft, clean voice and excellent diction (that is, the lyrics are clear and coherent). The instrumental accompaniments to each song are carefully produced and nicely balanced. Most of the songs have very gentle, low-key percussion. It’s good to have some breaks with instrumental tracks that offer variety. Track 10: A Journey Within is a very fine violin ballad.

This album is uplifting and positive, and recommended for those who feel in need of confidence-building music to help them through the day.

~review by Elizabeth Hazel

Artist: Unleashed Dreams
2017. L. Walker International Ltd and Paddisongs Publishing Ltd.
50 minutes, 12 tracks. Download $12.00.