This CD is utterly beguiling! I have listened to it countless times and keep coming back for more. Like a piece of wood that’s been sanded to absolute smoothness, there’s nothing on this album that will send splinters into the mind. Quite the reverse! The music pulls splinters out of the mind while encouraging a state of peaceful, bone-melting calm.

It is fantastic for meditation and deep thinking, and also quite fine for stress-relieving background music. I found it quite helpful to play while cooking, an activity I don’t particularly enjoy. Ison’s music clearly has usual properties in terms of stress relief. Ison is a sound researcher and composer who works with sacred tonal geometries. His music is used in hospitals and healthcare centers around the globe.

This CD features a single hour-long track designed for total relaxation, meditation, and inner integration. The synthesizer generated music features layers of evolving tones and lingering harmonies that continue to pour forth in gentle waves of harmonic suspense and resolution. It is comparable to Marconi Union’s marvelous “Weightless” CD (review on this site), with the further benefit of offering a single, uninterrupted musical track.

Chakra Integration would be a great CD to acquire for any healing modality, yoga practice, any type of meditation or shamanic journeys, all types of anti-anxiety/relaxation techniques, and all types of ritual work. I particularly recommend it for divination and scrying.

That said, it is a little too easy to shut down while listening to this CD. Don’t play it if sharp mental acuity or demanding physical exertion are required. Like “Weightless,” it is not a good CD to play while driving! A warning is printed on the CD cover. It does, however, make boring housework and chores less annoying. The music doesn’t allow the listener to retain feelings of irritation or frustration. It’s potentially a powerful panacea for insomnia or disturbed sleeping patterns.

The composer provides directions for using this music to meditate on the inside of the CD cover. More hour-long chakra essence pieces from the Chakra Sound System are available at

This is an absolutely WONDERFUL album with a special purpose. It is up to the listener to use it at the proper time with appropriate activities. Highly recommended.

~review by Elizabeth Hazel

Artist: David Ison
SoundsTrue 2015, 1 track, 1 hour.
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