We’ve enjoyed several of Sharon West’s albums over the years (specifically, World Journey and Notes from the Woods) and her latest offering, Be Still and Breathe, is a rich collection of guided meditations.


I’ve been listening to guided meditations since the 1980s, and have led others on trance journeys since then and I know how easy it is to create an adequate journey when an exceptional one is called for. Guided imagery isn’t just about making pictures, but about using a specific set of symbols rooted in one’s personal language of relationships and associations to effect a specific outcome.


When you link the vocalization to musical phrasing that complements and supports the imagery the combination can be powerfully transformative. Such is the case with Be Still and Breathe. The second CD is the music alone, allowing the listener to play it as background music during spa work, or massages, or other creative endeavors.


Dusty Dreams has an extensive collection of free listens to Be Still and Breathe at their website: I encourage readers to hear for themselves Ms. West’s lovely voice, melodies, and the imagery used. Highly recommended!


~review by Lisa Mc Sherry


Music & Voice by Sharon West
Imagery by Dorothy May, PhD

Dusty Dreams Productions, 2009

68 minutes each CD, $22.99


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