The musical duo known as Gypsy Soul create an unforgettable musical landscape rooted in Americana while remaining atmospheric and haunting. Vocalist Cilette Swann has a powerful voice with a broad range (no high pitched whining here!) balanced by partner Roman Morykit’s inspired bass and guitar counterpoint. The lyrics are impassioned and full of insight. This duo has eight CDs all created independently and without ‘big label’ distribution.

OK, enough generalities, what about this CD, the seventh?

THIS is how an indie band should be: polished, professional, unique, and wonderful. Every single song was incredible. Their sound can be likened to Shawn Colvin (particularly on “Take Me Away”), Alison Kraus (“Won’t Be Wronged”), and even Loreena McKennitt (The Snow, The Sea).

The Journey is an apt title – every song reflects movement – in emotion, spirit, life, and love. The first song, “Promises and Lies” sets the tone, telling the tale of a woman realizing that that was all she was going to get from her man. “True Love” is based on the traditional “Scarborough Fair” and frankly, they blow Simon and Garfunkel away (not that their version was bad, but Swann updates it beautifully). My least favorite song was track 8 “Test of Time”         and it wasn’t bad, just not my favorite.

Highly recommended.

~review by Lisa Mc Sherry

Artist: Gypsy Soul

Off the Beaten path Recordings, 2002