The album features a fusion of east-west instrumentation with a focus on tightly woven, multi-layered percussion grooves. The rhythms are a wild mix of Latino, Asian, Amer-Indian, and Afro-Cubano influences. Singers supply a mix of chants, vocals, and multi-lingual raps. Some of the tunes are awesome club mixes or remixes with a smattering of synth effects and sampling. “Brasilerio” is stellar in this respect with its blood-pumping funk and insistent chanting and butt-swinging drum solo.   

The tracks are:
The Dreamtime Returns
Rakandao Remix
Love the World Awak
Pow Wow Sky Mix
Istanbul Dubphonics
Eastern Shores
Liquid Experience
Braserio Nights Remix

Through the album, the Latino/Afro-Cubano influences pump a lot of passion and musical pheromones into the mix. The overlay of Asian influence provides a brilliant sparkle of sheer fun. “Afronaut” begins with a tapping bass groove and explodes into an orgy of drumming and chanting. “Pow Wow Sky Mix” begins with an intro straight out of Steve Roach and shifts into a rave-electronica tune.

The experimental mix of east and west, along with north and south, offers a premium musical trip around the globe. The tracks unfold in fascinating and unexpected ways, with layers of interest moving in and out of the mixes. The CD is top-notch in the genre, and a truly sweet serving of a Shaman’s Dream production. Highly recommended.

~review by Elizabeth Hazel

Artist: Shaman’s Dream
Sounds True, 2007
CD $17.98; 71:38 min