Tuesday, March 14, 2023 Lisa Mc Sherry

Spring is here! Spring is here! Every year at this time I just want to cheer!

Our review circle has put together a lovely collection, including a number of tarot decks for your to peruse.

This month we offer:

Service and Spirit: Discipleship and Training in Wiccan Temples
Astrological Keywords: Signs of the Zodiac
Spiritual Cleansing: A Handbook of Psychic Protection
21st Century Fairy: The Good Folk in the new millennium (Pagan Portals)  
The Magic of Nature: Meditations and Spells to Find your Inner Voice
The Tarot of Leonora Carrington
Greek Goddess Tarot
The Radiant Tarot: Pathway to Creativity
Harvest Home: In-Gathering: How to Survive (and Enjoy) the Autumnal Festivals (Pagan Portals)  
Breath of Spring: How to Survive (and Enjoy) the Spring Festival (Pagan Portals) 

Last month we offered:

Visions of the Occult: An Untold Story of Art and Magic
360 Degrees of Your Star Destiny: A Zodiac Oracle
Surfing the Galactic Highways: Adventures in Divinatory Astrology
Hoodoo Herbal: Folk Recipes for Conjure & Spellwork with Herbs, Houseplants, Roots, & Oils
Uncertain Places: Essays on Occult and Outsider Experiences
The Art of Channeling: Modern Methods for True Telepathic & Spirit Communication
Abnoba: Celtic Goddess of the Wilds (Pagan Portals)  
Crystal Basics Pocket Encyclopedia: The Energetic, Healing and Spiritual Power of 450 Gemstones
Spells from Scratch: How to Craft Spells That Work
Seasons of a Magical Life: A Pagan Path of Living

May the promise of the season bring out the best in you and your community.




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