Woman’s Magic shows us how to bring our magic into our homes and into our daily lives.   She teaches us how to manifest what we wish to have in our lives and takes us from manifesting a place to live to manifesting our livelihood.  Along the way, she explains how easy it is to harmonize all areas of our lives.


I found this book to be an excellent reference book for every day living with magick.  The author explores our relationships with all that is around us, including our relationship with nature.  She advises us to “get into the habit of giving thanks to the countryside as you walk through it” and “blessing” it as well, including every tree and hedge.

There is no way I can mention every aspect of our lives and surroundings that she goes into, but I must mention the excellent job she does of explaining the Four Directions, their elements, their Elementals and how we might incorporate them into our lives.


In her herbalism section, I was glad to see that she knows what she’s talking about and that she advocates use of the whole herb, rather than just the constituents of herbs.  This section of her book can stand alone as a quick guide to the magickal properties of herbs, flowers and trees.


She uses a spiral technique to explore the readers past, present and future that I’m not comfortable with, but that could be useful to others who are more into that area than I am.  I was disturbed that in the use of this technique, she advocates very much calling on “spiritual guides”, without giving the caution that not all guides have our best interests in mind.


Overall, I definitely enjoyed this book.  It was an easy read and held my interest all the way through. 


~review by Jae

Author: Sue Bowes

Weiser Books, Inc., 1999

pp. 170, $14.95