Warrior Goddess Training is an amazing book by HeatherAsh Amara which takes the reader through lessons designed to help one actualize their authentic self with confidence while shedding bad habits including low self esteem and unhealthy family patterns.  Amara begins the book first with a lovely introduction that truly helps the reader understand what she is trying to do with this book, along with how to use it.  Following the introduction is a short glossary of terms which is great in helping the reader understand key terms Amara uses in this book so that there are no misunderstandings.

As Warrior Goddess Training is structured as lessons, this book should be read in proper order.  However, once a lesson has already been read it can be beneficial to revisit certain areas if the reader is struggling with something.  That being said, Amara starts with Lesson 1 which is a great place to start; letting the reader know it's okay to commit to themselves.  Lesson 2 then is one which is perhaps equally as important; learning that one can only control themselves, not the world around them. 

Lesson 3 is really where the work begins, in my opinion.  This lesson is called Purify Your Vessel and Amara even includes a couple small worksheets to help the reader work through certain things.  Going forward the lessons are Ground Your Being and Free Your Past, Energize Your Sexuality and Creativity, Claim Your Strength and Ignite Your Will, Open Your Heart, Speak Your Truth, Embody Your Wisdom and Choose Your Path.  These chapters including both readings and exercises which will help the reader move forward in the journey this book takes you on.  The exercises can be done once or repeated as the reader desires.

One of my favorite parts of this book is that Amara includes a Further Reading section at the end.  This section includes books that the reader can use to supplement each lesson included.  I felt this was a great thing to include as each person is unique and may enjoy doing further work during different sections than others.  A second favorite thing about this book is that Amara takes inspiration from various cultures and spiritual paths so while it certainly is a New Age styled book, it is something anyone on any life path with any spiritual belief set can read and make use of.

Warrior Goddess Training is something I highly recommend for every woman to read.  One doesn't need to have low self esteem, family troubles or anything else in order to make good use of this book.  It's written clearly and so anyone of any education level can understand it.  The lessons make sense and work well with one another, progressing in a way so they build upon each other.  Highly recommended!  Personally though, a book like this does not and cannot take the place of any professional help.  So if you feel you should speak to a professional, please do so.

~Reviewed by: Jessica Elizabeth

Author: HeatherAsh Amara
Hierophant Publishing; 2014
161 pg; $17.95