With her usual quirky point of view, Z. Budapest uses her latest book Summoning the Fates to introduce the rest of us to the Fates, in their Northern European guise as the Norns (Germanic). Most of us know the Fates by their Greek names: Clotho, she who spins out the threads of life, Lachesis, she who measures their length, and Atropos, she who uses her golden shears to cut them. The Norns are a different face: Urdh (what went before), Verdandi (that which is becoming) and Skuld (that which must be).  Through a combination of folk tales, personal insights, and ritual, Ms. Budapest provides a detailed look at how the Fates work in our lives, how we can approach them and work with them. She shows us the cycle of our life as it can interact with these Fates in a special lesson and shows how we can apply these Fates to our daily lives. One of my favorite aspects are the rituals we can use to introduce ourselves formally to each of the Fates. Like much of her other work, Ms. Budapest uses childhood tales and personal stories to illustrate her premise and provide insight into the work. Her insight into the meanings and purposes of these stories are wonderful, clear and easy to understand. AS always, her are simple yet elegant, making it easy for each of us to reach and touch the Fates in our spiritual lives. Highly recommended. ~review by Lisa Mc SherryAuthor: by Z. BudapestHarmony Publishing, 1998