The Circle of Nine by Cherry Gilchrist explores the nine feminine archetypes as three queens, three ladies and three mothers. She mentions that the concept was sparked after a visit to the Nine Ladies stone circle in Derbyshire. The book shows how the modern woman can see the archetypes at work in their daily lives and manifest intentions. One of the things the author explores is how to help the woman to reconnect with the divine feminine. These days it has become increasingly more difficult trying to juggle between career, kids, marriage, etc. and finding that needed time for spiritual matters.

The book was originally released in 1988, releasing in several countries and was widely read and received. Gilchrist decided to rewrite the original for a 21st- century audience in mind. Content has been updated to be more relevant and two new chapters were added. One chapter was dedicated to introduce the ancient tradition of the Nine and also a chapter on practical work with the Circle of Nine.

The book is set up where you can first dive into the background and perspective of the nine. From there each individual study of the nine archetypes can be ready in any order. She has set the book up to be a working guidebook so it is up to the reader if they wish to read front to back or go to specific studies.

Gilchrist identifies the nine archetypes as Queen of the Earth, The Weaving Mother, Lady of the Dance, Queen of the Night, The Just mother, Lady of the Hearth, Queen of Beauty, The Great Mother and the Lady of light. Each aspect has a different meaning and focus and she mentions that women can see all of the archetypes reflected within.

For example the Queen of the Earth’s theme is the growth from a seed to the blossom or fruit. The Weaving Mother creates the pattern of daily life with knowledge and patience. Lady of the Dance is there for you to accept change. The Queen of the Night works with raw energies and instincts. These are just a handful of examples of the archetypes you will find in this contemporary version of The Circle of Nine.

While the book is geared for women, a man who is looking to work on the feminine aspect can work with the book as well. It’s a great read and empowering for the woman looking to reconnect to the goddesses within her.

~review by Amber Barnes

Author: Cherry Gilchrist
Weiser Books, Sept. 1 2018
pp. 272, $16.95