I have always been drawn to water especially the ocean and rivers. When I saw the title for this book I was very excited! I really loved her previous title Water Witchcraft and was looking forward to this release, The Way of The Water Priestess. I have personally felt the power of the sea and its healing properties for the physical as well as mental aspects. If too much has time has passed since I last visited the ocean, I feel the call and desire to visit her. For those like me who are not blessed to live next to the sea, the author provides other ways to stay connected to the element of water and water magic.

The book is broken down into nine chapters that include: Return to Ancient Wisdom, Ancestral Water Priestesses, Ancient Temple Arts, Raising the Temple, Healing Power of Water, Wisdom of Time and Tides, Water Divination, Art of Ritual, and On the Priestess path. The end of the book also includes an Index of Rituals and Prayers. The author begins by exploring why we are so drawn to water. She explains so many of us are drawn to water and for years have worked with this sacred element since ancient times. The history of rituals and practices is lengthy and yet still relevant to how many feel drawn to the shores and rivers even today.

The practice of working with water and the water priestess follows the pagan path. The author dives into the role of a water priestess and working with water and the water spirits. Some of these practices may include using water for healing, healing the water itself, and/or protecting the beaches and rivers with cleaning. Author Annwyn Avalon explains there are three different portals in which you can pass when embarking on the path of the water priestess: dedication, ritual initiation, and spirit initiation. (The author provides a dedication ritual at the end of the book).

The book contains easy to follow exercise that anyone no matter the experience level can follow. These rituals are simple yet powerful ways the reader can enhance their connection to water and further their knowledge and understanding. The author also provides some helpful tips on creating your own water rituals.

I highly recommend this book for those who feel called to the element of water.

~review by Amber Barnes

Author: Annwyn Avalon
Weiser Books, 2021
pp. 256, $16.95