Every once in a while, I will specifically request a book that sounds interesting. Wall Street and Witchcraft is one example. I didn't realize that this was a reprint of a book published in 1971, and it has not been updated in any way. (Which is a shame because the last chapter lays out the predictions made for the rest of the 70s, and it would have made the book special if they'd been verified or not.)

Which is too bad. I think it would be fascinating if the occult community (in all of its glorious pandemonium) had some methodology for tracking its ability to make money in the stock market.

That said, Wall Street and Witchcraft is a fascinating book. Well-written in an easy-going conversationalist journalism style, Gunther gets you interested in the first paragraphs and never really lets you go.

Gunther does he research in a very scientific manner, and is respectful of his own thoughts and feelings as well as the subjects he is interviewing.

I liked this book very much, but it needs updating -- even a new intro or something! -- so I can't actually recommend it.

~review by Lisa Mc Sherry

Author: Max Gunther
Harriman House, 1971/2011
pp. 176, $19.99