The Big Little Book of Magick, by D.J. Conway is indeed a bit, little book!  At 416 pages Conway jam packed this little book full of information for your every day Wiccan or Witch to use in their magickal Workings. 

Conway organized this book in a unique way that, in my opinion, does keep the information organized and makes it easy to flip through and find what you need.  Basically, she put together 4 books she had previously written into one omnibus. 

In this Book, Conway includes her (previously published) Little Book of Altar Magick, Little Book of Candle Magick, Little Book of Pendulum Magick and Little Book of Healing Magick. Something that I really like and appreciate about this book is that Conway not only includes correspondences and deities which we can use in our Workings, but she also includes different ways of setting up our altars depending on our purposes, she includes the histories of healing, altars, pendulums and candle magick. Not only that, but she also includes making sure that we include mundane efforts of working towards our goals. 

I also really enjoy the tone in which D.J. Conway has written this book.  She writes in an informative manner that comes across as a teacher; one who is here to help you along without forcing you down one particular path but who is in a different place than a friend or neighbor.  The book is also a nice mix of a beginner, 101 style book and a reference book.  You get a whole bunch of information that’s explained in an encyclopedic style without the book being an encyclopedia. 

All in all, D.J. Conway’s Big Little Book of Magick is an awesome intermediate book chock full of information and ideas those of us who do Magick can use in our every day lives.  It’s written well and organized great.  I highly recommend it! 

~review by Jessica Elizabeth

Author: D.J. Conway
Published by Crossing Press, 2010