Llewellyn is known for releasing great books on teaching witchcraft especially for those readers who do not have access to live classes. The latest release, Teaching Witchcraft by Miles Batty, is a great guidebook that can be used by the student or teacher of the craft. It contains 39 lessons along with three appendix, recommended reading, and a glossary. This comprehensive guide is a tremendous resource for Wicca 101 and Wicca 102. There are great ideas of how to organize your curriculum as a teacher in a generalized Wiccan path. 

The first part of Wicca 101 is broken down into a sixteen-lesson course while Wicca 102 is twenty two courses. Anyone who is looking to learn the fundamentals or brush up on the basics will find a plethora of information. 

The author had previously released Teaching Witchcraft years ago but this is the revised and expanded version. The author mentions that when it first released, it was more in the style of the student seeking answers but now with experience showcases information from a teacher. What I really like is that the book can be used like a classroom textbook or a personal guidebook on the craft. Certain areas maybe harder than others to find others interested in witchcraft and this provides a way for anyone to learn.

Each lesson is set up with information followed by study prompts and questions as well as some additional recommended reading. While each lesson is only a few pages, it is meant to be a topic starter for discussion.

This book has it all and covers such a wide selection of topics, I recommend having this book on your magickal shelf!

~review by Amber Barnes

Author: Miles Batty
Llewellyn Publications, 2023
pp. 440, $29.99