Supermarket Magic is the type of book I wish we had more of nowadays. It is down to earth, written for the everyday person who works and lives a common life who does not have a fancy garden full of rare herbs or thousands of dollars for hard-to-find ingredients.  Furie writes this using language that anyone can understand; from experienced witches to those just starting. It's quite simply an easy, fun read.

Furie starts the book out with an introduction to magic which is always nice.  He then separates the book into chapters based on the type of magic such as money, health, cleansing and protection.  In each chapter he talks about the kind of magic and gives us several recipes of different kinds.

 He includes potions, powders, bath salts and other kinds of things one can make for magical usages.  What I personally really like is that he discusses flavor; what he has tasted, what he has not and if it is completely inedible.  At the end of each chapter Furie includes a shopping list for every recipe shown in the chapter.  He also includes correspondence tables at the end of the book as well as suggested reading.

I highly, highly recommend this book.  I believe it's one that any witch could use.  Who wouldn't want to get all of their magical ingredients at the grocery store!?

~Reviewed by: Jessica Elizabeth

Author: Michael Furie
Llewellyn Publications; 2013
263ppg; $15.99