There are lots of spell books on the market filled with recipes and instructions for various intention setting. However not many books dive into the explanations of the how and why. In Spells from Scratch, the author teaches the reader how spells work and how to create their own spells to manifest the intended goal. Author Silverstar provides a solid foundation and basis for spellwork as the reader learns the mechanics of creating and writing of spells. This makes the magic personalized for the reader and assists in a better outcome for the intentions being set.

The book is broken down into four main parts:

  • Part One Getting Started includes: What is a Spell?, Ethics and Laws of Magic, and Magic Timing.
  • Part Two Magical Bits and Pieces includes: Symbols and Sigils, Correspondences, The Four Elements, Incantations and Energy, and Preparing for Magic.
  • Part Three Types of Spells covers: The Most Common Spells, Potions and Kitchen Magic, Amulets and Talismans, Thought forms, and Mag with Natural Objects.
  • The last, Spells For Every Need includes chapters on Quick Spells, Spells for Healing, Spells for Transformation and Letting Go, Protection Spells and Wards, and Spells for Love and Beauty.

The book is written in an easy to follow and understand format. Whether the reader is a beginner or an experienced practitioner there is something in the book for everyone. The exercises are thought provoking and set a good foundation for the reader to begin. These also work well as reminders for those seasoned on the path but need to refresh some of the basics.

The chapter titles pretty much speak for themselves on the subject matter. Most of the chapters that are covered are witchcraft 101 information. This is one of the reasons I like this book as it’s not just a recipe book of spells (although there is plenty of guidance and suggested items and rituals contained within). A lot of the exercises and spells can be easily adapted to what you might have on hand as well as tailoring to your location. I have found that simplicity sometimes work best and one of my favorite sections of the book was Quick Spells. Several of these can be used daily such as the “Morning Spell for a Good day”.

If you only have one spellbook on your shelf, I’d recommend this one. Not only will it have suggestions but the material inside can be referenced time and time again, especially when the reader needs a refresh on their skills.

~review by Amber Barnes

Author: Phoenix Silverstar
Llewellyn Publications, 2022
pp. 336, $18.99