I want to first note, this book is so aesthetically pleasing with the use of colors (not just on the cover but within the pages) I was already enchanted. It truly is a beautiful book to look at.

The subjects covered in the book focus on Tarot, Astrology, The Invisible World, Real-Life Magic, Ritual, and Moon Pluto Magic. Each subject also includes homework and exercises to deepen your knowledge in each subject. No matter if the reader is a beginner or more advanced practitioner, the book is easy to follow and has something that everyone can take away. The writing style is very cozy and the reader may feel as though they are sitting down having coffee with the writer. It’s relatable and feels like you are just chatting with a friend. Each subject has information, history, some of the authors personal anecdotes and homework. While she provides a guideline for the reader, she also suggests going with your own intuition and breaking the rules (the best example is in the Tarot section).

One of the things I liked about the book is the author doesn’t just impart her words and ideals, but she also provides the reader additional resources, books etc throughout. Each section has a nice chunk of info but for the students who want to dive even deeper into a particular subject, she has a list of some recommendations for further studies. My personal favorite section was The Invisible World. This part focuses on everything from ghosts, mediumship, spirit guides, past lives, etc. Again it is filled with terrific information plus exercises that the reader can try at home. The sections on Real-Life Magic and Ritual are geared more for beginners but still have some great reminders and tips for the seasoned witch as well.

While the more advanced magic seekers may find some of the information already in their knowledge base, a beginner would benefit highly from this book. The information is well written, easy to understand, and provides a pathway to follow as you read along. I enjoyed reading the authors experiences the most and I recommend this book for your magical bookshelf.

~review by Amber Barnes

Author: Aliza Einhorn
Llewellyn Publications, 2021
pp. 312, $17.99