Make Magic Of Your Life by T. Thorne Coyle, is a book about realizing what you truly desire in life and then making that happen.  The thing I noticed right off the bat, however, is that there are a lot of words in the book.  By the end I figured that it could be condensed by at least a third and still get exactly the same points across, but simply being more understandable.  I found that I'd have to re-read many paragraphs three or even four times to be able to understand her point through all of the extra words.  That being said, Coyle has a very good book here, which could really help a lot of people who are stuck in life, trying to get their true desires, or figure out what those desires are.  If you are able to read through the extra words, Coyle's book really can strike a nerve and help you get to the heart of your heart. 

Coyle has six parts of her book; to know, to will, to dare, to keep silence, to manifest and desire's end desire's beginning.  This ends up being a very well organized and takes the reader from learning exactly what they need in life versus what they simply want into being able to work through fears into manifesting true needs and desires.  She uses many, many stories to help illustrate her points, which can help you understand as well as exercises and questions to help you work through issues this work may drag up.  If you're willing and able to read through all the extra words I would recommend this book.  But if you need something a little more straight forward without extras, I have to say pass this one up.

~review by: Jessica Elizabeth

Author: T. Thorne Coyle
243ppg; $18.95
Red Wheel/Weiser LLC; 2013