The Element of Fire is the Fifth book in a series of books centered on the Kitchen Witch. (Previous books include: Spells & Charms, Garden Magic, Crystal Magic, and The Element of Earth). As youmight guess from the title, the focus on is working with the element of fire, meditations, rituals and all things related to fire. Fire is one of the basic elements and we humans need it’s power for survival and warmth. Fire is both devastating and lifesaving at the same time. We use this element to keep us warm in the winter, cook our food, etc. The author describes the element of fire as the element of action, passion, transformation and of change. We have a relationship with fire both as a survival need but a spiritual as well. Fire is known to consume and destroy to allow new growth and change to emerge.

In the book, the reader will find fire correspondences for everything from animals, divination, colors, places, tools and more. The author provides exercises that are easy to follow and help the reader spark the relationship with the element of fire. Within the book are also examples of types of fire magic (such as candle magic, burning, despacho, sun magic, scrying and more).  

The author provides the basics so if the reader is new to the path, they can easily follow along. The book is perfect for a beginner but also can be a handy reference for those more experiences with a quick guidance to the various rituals, recipes, exercises and correspondences.

I recommend adding this book to your Kitchen Witch Series.

~review by Amber Barnes

Author: Rachel Patterson
Moon Books, 2022
pp. 160, $16.95