In the foreword of Healing Magic: A Green Witch Guidebook, wisewoman Susun Weed describes this book as "partly a how-to manual for the aspiring Green Witch, partly a do-it-yourself shamanic journey, partly a book of lights and shadows, partly a compendium of herbal lore," and more. And Bennett does deliver on these promises in an insightful and informative way.


Much is covered in Healing Magic. Herbal lore is mixed in with moon lore, and suggestions are given throughout, such as how to reconnect with the earth.  Some of the experiential exercises Bennett gives are so simple yet beautiful, you wonder why you hadn't thought of that.  For example, in "Touching Birth," the author instructs "sit in a healthy, growing garden. Remember that you were born.  Reflect on the naturalness of this fact, the mysterious miracle of it."


Although an entire chapter is focused on herbal magic, learning the magical properties of plants and trees as well as preparing herbal oils and herbal baths, my favorite chapter is "Moon Magic and Women's Wisdom."  Bennett writes with obvious reverence for the lunar orb, and simple but powerful exercises are given such as bathing in moonlight -- "feel the moonlight shining on your face, hands, and if you have the opportunity, your whole body." The author also gives instructions for forming a modern-day moon lodge. 


Bennett does include a love spell, but with the caveat that one should "not do spells directed towards a particular individual but rather to invoke the qualities that you are looking for in a lover or life partner." And apparently, roses are wonderful for love magic!


What I particularly enjoyed about this book is how Bennett recounts stories of rituals she has organized and taken part in while she lived in New York City. Many books don't take into account that you may live in an urban area with limited natural surroundings.  However, through the author's sheer ingenuity, she managed to celebrate the holy-days in city parks and the rituals never seemed to be compromised because of this.  Highly recommended for all women who want a little more moon magic and herbal magic in their lives.


~ review by Diane Saarinen

Author: Robin Rose Bennett

Sterling Publishing Co., Inc. 2004

192 pp., $12.95