Familiars have been used by Magicians and Witches since the dawn of human civilization. In his latest work, Familiar Spirits, Donald Tyson has done a superb job in revealing his own method for calling forth familiar Spirits. Techniques’ enabling one to utilize this ancient knowledge has traditionally been withheld, revealed only from lip to ear by the adept to the aspirant, and then only after the aspirant had demonstrated a certain degree of proficiency and restraint. 


Have you ever yearned for a faithful companion who could understand your innermost thoughts even when you were unable to find the words to express them? Have you ever wanted someone who would watch over you and protect you, your loved ones, the place in which you live and all those things that are most precious to you? How about a friend who could help you to find some of the rarer and more obscure occult teachings, those that are not widely circulated or known to the general public or who could even reveal directly to you some of the knowledge of the ages? All of this and more falls within the sphere of influence of Familiar Spirits.


This book is wonderfully written. Step by step instructions are given and historical references are cited. Here we have a complete system from beginning to end -- no secrets have been withheld. The whole system is revealed in terms that anyone with the most basic of skills can apply to whatever system of magick they use. Complete with glossary and nine separate, quick reference appendixes, which give an overview of the various attributes and influences represented by each glyph.


Although the system has been simplified, it is based on sound occult principles and proven metaphysical practices that have been in use for countless centuries. I enjoyed this book and found it to be a fascinating tutorial.


~review by Lone Eagle Eye

Author: Donald Tyson

Llewellyn Publications, 2004

pp. 259, $14.95