Deborah Blake never fails to impress, inform and entertain, in my opinion and her book Everyday Witch Book of Rituals: All You Need For a Magickal Year is no exception.  Within this 337 page book Blake takes us on a journey of rituals throughout the calendar year.  She shows rituals for groups and also how to make group rituals solitary. 

There's not necessarily chapters in the book, more like sections.  The first section talks about rituals in general, including ritual etiquette, which is nice.  Then she goes into the actual rituals; Full Moon Esbats, Sabbats, New Moon rituals (which I have to say is very nice as typically there's a lot more focus on Full Moons) and some special occasions such as handfastings and eldering/croning.  Blake's rituals are beautiful and simple, with much room for lengthening and/or altering to one's own personal practice and taste.  At the beginning of each section she takes the time to say a little something about the type of rituals included as a sort of introduction.

Everyday Witch Book of Rituals is very simple and almost beginner-like.  I can see many experienced Witch's passing this book over but I would caution you not to.  It's a very fun look at rituals that can quickly and easily bring each Witch back to his/her own roots and the beginning of your Witchcraft journey.  Blake's books always remind me that complicated is not always best and that we often overlook the purpose of the ritual for the accoutrements. For any beginner to Witchcraft I highly recommend this book.

~review By: Jessica Elizabeth

Author: Deborah Blake
Llewellyn WorldWide; 2012
pp. 337; $18.99