Blackfeather Mystery School's The Magpie Training is set up an instructional course for those interested in Witchcraft. This was written to be an easily accessible training course for those interested in furthering their craft.

Some books are written in a way that can go cover to cover quickly absorbing the information quickly. However, withThe Magpie Training it is actually recommended to take your time and utilize the book as you would a college course. They recommend that the reader does not work on more than one chapter a week. (Yes there will be homework too!)

The book begins with the foundations to your practice. The first step is setting up an altar. If the reader is brand new to witchcraft that is perfectly fine as the authors explain step by step what the reader should do and what supplies are needed. The book walks the reader thru a self-blessing to kick start the training. It is easy to understand and takes the reader by the hand so they do not need to worry about anything.

I really like that straightaway the book covers important basics. In the beginning the reader will learn grounding and centering, shielding, how to complete a daily practice and more. The first homework assignment gives great insight on how the rest of the course will follow.

Each chapter is set up to be a unit of study and contains a ritual. The authors provide the steps needed as such:

The pattern for the Blackfeather Ritual of Study is:
● Ground and Center
● Cast the Circle
● Release obstacles to study
● Guided meditation: Journey to the Temple
● Statement of Purpose
● Read the chapter and do the exercises in it
● Brief meditation: Returning from the Temple
● Close the Circle
● Closing words

I personally love the structure and exactly what to expect for the lessons. This truly feels like your instructors are right there with you.

There are times when the reader is asked to recite a chant. At first I was worried when I saw music notes but they provide an URL to hear the recordings if the reader is musically untalented such as myself and cannot read music.

This book feels unique in the structure with experienced guides teaching the reader every step along the way. I would highly recommend to the novice who is looking for guidance on where to start on their path.

~review by Amber Barnes

Authors: Irene Glasse and Caine Dreamwalker
Dragon Alchemy Publishing, 2022
pp. 148, $?