Manipulating perception is a key component in working magic, but we humans are frequently unable to escape the linear model of time that is a primary component of our society. Space/Time Magic provides a cogent argument for moving outside of this linear trap and into a working model of the universe in which our reality can be programmed according to our will (i.e. transformed by magic) – not only in the future, but our past.

Understanding space/time is a key to understanding our reality, and learning to consciously manipulate it is how we learn to work magic. Within this realm of shifting possibilities we can exert our will, manipulate the energy, make a choice, and in doing so we create new possibilities and a changed reality. Whether we are reaching into the space/time ‘pool’ to move outside of physical time and divine the future (or past) or focusing our attention in such a way as to slow down the passage of time (in order to get more done) we are working space/time magic.

The reading can be a bit difficult if one is not comfortable with a logical paradigm of magic (Stephen Hawking is referenced, as are notable chaos magicians Phil Hine and Genesis P-orridge), but Ellwood manages to make many of the more scientific perspectives understandable, as well as practical.

Divination is an easy way to understand space/time magic, but I found the discussion on working retroactive magic (essentially, going back in time to change our past) to be a touch frightening – and yet compelling. I would like to think that the past can not be literally changed, that only our perception changes (and that is sufficient to bring about present change) but a part of me wonders if it is possible, and if I were to do so, how I would change in ways I can not predict? Ellwood also discusses using sigils, writing, science, and technology in space/time magic, all with fascinating results. His personal experiences enhance the theoretical explanations, and make for wonderful reading.

The author of a number of fascinating and unusual books, including Pop Culture Magick and Creating Magical Entities, Taylor Ellwood is clearly someone who does not see magic as a connection to the divine, but a rule-based, logically –defined energy source that allows any person with sufficient training to use it. Although I am more of an intuitive witch, basing my rituals on increasing my connection with the Divine, I found Space/Time Magic very useful. I am already incorporating much of this information into my own practice.

I highly recommend this book.

~ review by Lisa Mc Sherry

Author:  Taylor Ellwood

Immanion Press, 2005

pp. 208, $23.38