Composed of seven sections plus an introduction, Unseen Forces; A Guide For The Truly Attentive is a conglomeration of unique articles penned by several different authors. Originally published in Atlantis Rising, Unseen Forces is a great overview for what kinds of articles get published in magazines like that. 

With at least three chapters, or articles, in each section there is a wide variety of subjects covered.  For example, in the second section titled "Perspectives of Genius" there are chapters which discuss HG Wells as well as Dostoevsky.  The sixth section, "Natural Order Revealed," has chapters discussing crystals, gravity as well as sound.  This kind of organization and diversity of subject really makes Unseen Forces something one can read all in one sitting or something one can pick up and read randomly. 

There were a few things I particularly liked about this book.  First of all, I found the articles included to be of a fairly easy read.  Certainly they're very specific subject matter, such as the article titled "Telescopes and the Ancients" which is about ancient achievement, however I liked that they are written in such a way that the average layperson can read and understand them.  Also, while there are of course no references, the authors were very good about including sources inline as well as staying away from long words, or words only those who are proficient in the subject matter would know.  Additionally I found the flow of the articles quite smooth; the reading was not at all choppy or disjointed.

In the end I have to say this was a very enjoyable read and I truly have to recommend it to anyone who has an interest in this subject matter.  I'd also have to recommend it for anyone who wants an overview of the types of articles they'd find in Atlantis Rising.  A lovely book!

~review by: Jessica Elizabeth

Edited by; J Douglas Kenyon
245ppg; $16.95
2016; Red Wheel Weiser