Galen Gillotte, author of the companion books Book of Hours: Prayers to the Goddess and Book of Hours: Prayers to the God has given us another gem in her newest creation, Sacred Stones of the Goddess. Between these covers is not another book about the magical properties of stones, but a guide to how well they can complement goddess spirituality.


Twenty-six goddesses from around the world come alive in beautifully written passages that include affirmations, meditations, rituals, practical ways to bring them more fully into the reader’s life, and inspiring “priestess speaks” passages. The author goes on to include similar treatment for the four elements. The book also includes a section on the creation and use of a set of divination stones as well as easy to follow instruction for how to assemble and include prayer beads for both the God and the Goddess in your spiritual practice. 

Sacred Stones of the Goddess, is a deeply spiritual book full of rich, uplifting imagery.  This book will hopefully lead the reader to thinking about stones in a new light and find new ways to incorporate them into their life. Reading this book will cause you to look at the world differently and more easily see the magic that is everywhere around us.


I truly enjoyed reading this book and it will certainly have a permanent place on my shelf.  I would certainly recommend it to anyone who wants to deepen his or her practice of goddess spirituality.

~review by Jennifer Erwin

Author: Galen Gillotte
Llewellyn Publications, 2003
276 pp., $15.95