Pearson begins the book with some general information which includes things like crystal energy with a background of science but written in a way most can understand. Additionally he defines some commonly used words which are often misused or misunderstood.  This leads into the five essential functions of crystals which he outlines and discusses them from a scientific perspective but explained simply while not talking down to the reader.

The second chapter of the book is titled Your Crystal Toolbox.  In this chapter Pearson covers a variety of topics including choosing, cleansing, dedication, and empowering your stones. Pearson then discusses the diverse forms of crystals from rough, tumbled, to a variety of shapes.  He ends the chapter with the different ways to use the stones.  This includes meditation, jewelry, combining them with essential oils, and divining. 

Pearson spends the next four chapters discussing the divine goddess and different aspect of her worship like the shift from goddess to god, the phases of the goddess like maid, mother, and crone.  He spends an entire chapter on the triple goddess.  He also covers spells and rituals for the goddess using rocks and crystals.  His tone throughout these chapters is knowledgeable, respectful, and factual.  

By chapter seven he moves into the different rocks.  According to Pearson he “examines the stone’s uses in history and tempers this perspective with modern mineral science and contemporary crystal wisdom.” P154  This describes is writing style throughout.  He outlines and defines the different sections he includes so the reader has a clear understanding of the information they read. 

Each rock description has a brief outline of magickal uses, elemental signature, astrological signature, goddess archetype, and formation process at the top of each entry.  Pearson includes pictures in different states for each rock as well as a few pages of description for each rock.  He does a thorough job of exploring each rock. In the Appendix, Pearson provides several tables of correspondences including a goddess, element, planetary, and zodiac. 

This is a great reference book full of both scientific and magical information.  It’s presented in a tone and style which makes it easy to read for most.  It’s a great reference tool but it offers a connection between the pagan beliefs and the scientific world.  This one will find a home in my library.

~review by Eileen Troemel

Author: Nicholas Pearson
Destiny Books, 2019
p. 470